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Emotional Self-Defense and Emotional Self-Care
(for women only or for men only)

Learning the basics of emotional self-defense and emotional self-care prepares participants to take charge of their feelings, to accurately decipher the messages feelings seek to communicate and to move into the driver's seat in creating more effective, joyful friendships and intimate relationships.

In a gentle, supportive and safe environment, participants release and reclaim blocked emotional energy. Facing and understanding the past paves the way to healing from past traumas, to letting go of limiting attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and to acquiring the skills for effective, enthusiastic living.

By bonding deeply and receiving support from persons of the same sex, women and men create the opportunity to examine and move beyond their restrictive sex-role conditioning. Both women and men then acquire the full range of human feelings and behaviours, integrating the "masculine" and "feminine".

These workshops will appeal to women and men determined to put an end to being humiliated, controlled, bullied or intimidated by anyone, anywhere, and to women and men with the courage and willingness to live their dreams.


Lighten Up
This workshop assists individuals to lighten up physically so as to obtain optimal weight and health and to lighten up in attitude so as to expand the capacity for joy and creativity. In addition to learning the principles of superior nutrition, participants identify and clear the emotional blocks that interfere with using and applying these principles.

Joyful Relationships
In this workshop, participants remove the barriers to self-love which is a prerequisite to loving another and receiving love from another. Participants examine and correct the beliefs, behaviours and choices that may have sabotaged their past and/or current deepest relationships. Relationship is seen as a mirror through which we discover who we are. We explore the difference between co-dependence and interdependence so as to learn how to love without dependence.

Members of the group learn to communicate from the heart and deepen their contact and connection to their chosen partner by developing boundary-setting skills and by making a commitment to clarity, honesty and mutual growth.


Overcoming Sexism, Racism, and Homophobia
This workshop is designed to enhance workplace productivity by assuring that all employees are treated and treat each other with consideration and respect. It takes courage and willingness to be accountable for prejudices acquired at an early age and reinforced by cultural and religious institutions. Participants are assisted to gain a deep understanding of the roots of prejudice so as to end prejudice rather than merely comply with Human Rights Legislation out of fear of the penalty imposed for failing to treat others fairly.


Aging with Flair
In this workshop you will acquire cognitive skills to assist with memory. We will also share information on how to do physical exercises so as to maximize benefits and minimize harm. We will provide information on nutrition including how, where and when to eat as well as what to eat and what not to eat. Finally, there will be a discussion of the other ingredients for aging gracefully such as air quality, water consumption, stress management, and emotional self care.


We can also create customized workshops and lectures for corporations, agencies and privately arranged groups. For more information, or to arrange a session, please see our contact page.




Neither Dr. Sara Joy David nor Beverley A. Star diagnose or treat disease. Neither do they give medical or health advice. Both Sara Joy and Beverley live and teach that health-care is self-care. They encourage living a lifestyle that promotes wellness and good health. They consider each person responsible for any and all decisions regarding her/his own health/wellness and the health/wellness of any dependent children. They expect clients to verify for themselves the validity of the principles of healthy living, emotional balance and spiritual development articulated in articles, workshops, and individual consultations.